The 10 Most fun Employed jobs that Pay well

Being self-employed often provides professionals with greater freedom and flexibility than they may experience working as an employer lets wonder people are beginning to embrace self-employment better than they did in the past as the boss of yourself you get to set your rates and time to work you can either decide to work long hours or short hours you also get to pursue your passion and make money on your condition here’s the thing as long as you have a good work ethic you can easily find a rewarding, profitable self-employed job that will pay you well in this article I’ll share with you the ten most fun independent posts that pay well.

#1:Personal Trainer

nearly everyone cares about the state of their well being they care about their health and their body however only if you know how to achieve their health goals so if you have any passion for fitness and enjoy helping people to improve their lives you can consider working as a personal trainer the average salary for a personal trainer is about 20 point $24 per hour as a personal trainer your job description is to instruct clients and how best to perform exercises and monitor their progress you can also create a useful mill guide to help them better with their fitness journey.

#2:Online Merchant

Suppose you have a product of two That you can sell online. In that case, you can consider becoming an online merchant trading on the available online marketplaces available in your country you can even help people sell their products very account because the more products that you can sell, the more money you can make for every cell that you close for them you get a commission on it.


As a professional salary of fourteen point forty-five dollars per hour for many people, Photography is a hobby; however, if you are interested in becoming self-employed, you can turn your photography skill into a valuable skill all you need to do is know how to take beautiful pictures of people places. Objects for organizations or individuals you can the scientist lies in one or more areas of Photography such as wedding photojournalism wildlife and more to work as a self-employed photographer you should first build your portfolio by photographing events places and people around you the right sample pictures will help you attract your kind of customers.

#4:Event Planner

All year round people organize and celebrate all kinds of events from wedding anniversaries graduations birthdays holidays fashion shows exhibitions and so much more as an event planner your responsibilities will be to reserve venues decorate space arrange for food entertainment post-event cleanup and much more although planning events for individuals is quite profitable offering services to businesses is much more productive companies routinely conclude events for their employees including events meant to boost morale such as vacation parties Holidays and dinners imagine becoming the go-to event planner for some of those companies then you’ll be making for yourself some good deals often the average salary of an event planner is about thirty-four thousand seven hundred and forty-one dollars annually.

#5:Social Media Specialists

As a social media specialist, you can earn as much as 13 thousand $92 per hour your responsibility is to use marketing strategies to build and manage an online following on several social media such as Tik Tok Facebook Instagram YouTube, etc. if you have in-depth knowledge of social media marketing including how to drive organic and paid engagement as well as the ability to interpret analytics, then this is a self-employed kind of job that you should consider.


A developer uses coding languages to design install tests and maintain software systems build websites and applications etc. if you are interested in becoming a developer, you can take courses to study and read books about programming to start this business try creating designs for your family and friends. They are running little businesses and can’t afford top developers. You can use this experience to build an excellent profile for yourself that you can show to your potential customers when they start making inquiries. The average income of a developer is about eighty-nine thousand five hundred and eighty-two dollars annually.

#7:Makeup Artists

As a makeup artist you can specialize in different fills it can become a particular effect makeup artist or apply makeup for models and actors Brides or for events like proms and other formal events to be a professional makeup artist you’d have to learn about cosmetology know some of the best products to apply on other people’s faces without causing allergies and reactions they skillful in the application of the makeup a business consultant and an average of sixty-two thousand eight hundred and ninety-two dollars annually.

#8:Business Consultant

You’ll work with companies to help improve performance in specific areas such as revenue growth Human Resources Management sales operation marketing and much more to be effective however you should be highly skilled in your area of expertise you should be able to measure and report performances in your field as well it would also help to have excellent communication and presentation skills.

#9:Fashion Designer

As a fashion designer, you can build your brand and sell your product both online and offline. However, you’d need to more of research when it comes to the marketing aspect of your field mainly because the competition as a designer is high it can build a profitable business quickly if you get the hang out of it also rapidly it’ll help to figure out the kind of niche and target audience that you want to build if you are unable to do this building a brand might be delicate in the industry.

#10:Career Coach

your duty as a career coach is to help clients identify career goals develop new habits that will help them improve help them find new opportunities and also prepare them for interviews and events to succeed in this business however you have to know some of the vital business strategies that can help your clients achieve their goals you also have to have excellent listening skills and leadership qualities note that to build some of the mentioned businesses you can start by interning with an expert or you can take courses online to help you, in the beginning, you can make it a side hustle to give you enough time to build an excellent profile that will attract your potential customers.