7 Good Reasons for Leaving a Job

Remember when all you could think about the position that you currently occupy even if it wasn’t exactly your dream job at the beginning you still wanted it so bad because it was going to fetch you enough money to cover your monthly bills or it was a right step in the direction of your career or passion now, however, you no longer feel that way, and you’re caught up between leaving the job or not now you have a thousand and one reasons in your head one you should leave that job, but you can’t decide if those reasons are enough or not well I’m about to help you out in this article I’ll share with you several good reasons to

leave your job.

#1: A Better Work-Life Balance 

Do you feel like your job is getting in the way feel like your job is getting in the form of your life perhaps you feel like you are pulled in many different directions trying to balance your career and your family it could even be that you find yourself working every time especially when all you want to do is something fun that involves being around other people yes maybe you love the job but the commute is not in to write to my boss because it’s such a distance that you spend hours in transit if any of these is you and looking for a new job might not be such a bad idea as what you should know about your life your family friends health and everything else is just as important as your job career so it is crucial to learn how to create a balance between your job and everything else Andrew Wilkinson a Canadian politician once said “you don’t have to make yourself miserable to be successful it’s natural to look back on mythologize the long nights and meaning moments of genius but success isn’t about working hard it’s about working smart” also according to his Ashok an author an entrepreneur “you will never feel truly satisfied by work until you’re satisfied by life.” so if your job takes all your time and rarely gives you enough to focus on other things in your life that also matters then you should consider changing jobs.

#2:Your Health is Suffering

Ok I’m pretty sure you already know this but I’ll say it nonetheless my office is sick you can’t produce any good result at work if your health is failing so why push yourself over and over the detriment of your health if Williams co-founder of medium and Twitter once said that “take care of yourself when you don’t sleep each crap don’t exercise and I leave enough adrenaline for too long the performance of us your decisions suffer your company suffers love those close to you failure of your company is not a failure in life failure and your relationship is”if your job is causing so much stress that it’s affecting your health then it’s time for a change because risking your body for your work is not such a good idea for instance if you’re destined job is responsible for a weekly lack of sleep and daily nausea then it’s worth considering a change also if the effect is directly on your mental health making you experience extreme anxiousness or depression or inexplicable headaches and elements on work list that is equally a pointer to move on otherwise it might affect your relationship with family and friends.

#3:There’s No Room For Growth

 If you are working in a place where no one ever gets promoted or you are the final step in your company’s promotion Landa have the next step got blocked it could also be that your job content remained unchanged even after an advertisement or in some other cases there’s no Avenue for new learning if any of these sounds like you and your place of work leaving might be a good option especially if you’ve tried picking up new responsibilities I could help you on everyone else crew what got Shawn for it then going should indeed be the only thing on your mind.

#4:You’ve Gotten Too Comfortable And no Longer Picking Up New Challenges

When it comes to job security and other benefits comes to job security and other benefits we all like that and would love the assurance of one however we sometimes become complacent and too comfortable that we no longer seek new challenges while this might not be the fault of our employers or anyone else around if your working environment forces you to remain at a position far too long then it might be a wise idea to seek new adventures outside that workspace for instance if your job is mainly a routine it means that you are not doing anything new or different you go to work every day to repeat the same old tracks. Secondly, a new challenge elsewhere might not be such a bad idea for you. 

#5: You Have a Better Long-Term Prospect

You took the job so that you can conveniently pay your bills without running into debts or you figured it’s time for a career change you no longer want to work just, so you get paid but because you’d love to spend the rest of your life doing something that you love what a fight is if your job doesn’t fit into your long-term prospect then maybe it’s time to make that switch it might seem like a scary thing to do. Still, it will pay off in the end.

#6:Something’s Shady

 If you’ve noticed ethical or illegal dealing or you’ve observed something about some members of the staff being treated poorly, it should be grounds for your red flags to fly as soon as you can.

#7: You Are Underpaid

Although money isn’t everything when it comes to your job overlooking the fact that your salary is much smaller than what an average person in your position situation it’s best you do a research first and then requests very read that is anywhere near what you should be earning however if denied one, then that’s a sign that you need a new employer note, don’t be so much in a speedup for a salary increase because if you haven’t proven to anyone that you can do your job well. You’re worth the hike then no one will accept your request there, you let us know if you have any good reasons to leave your job in the comment section.